Sales of agrochemicals in Peru expected to reach US$208 million in 2019_Hefei Finest Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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Sales of agrochemicals in Peru expected to reach US$208 million in 2019

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According to CultiVida, total sales in Peru’s agrochemical sector will reach US$208 million this year, a growth of over 5% compared to 2018, due to the increased performance of agro-exports and some traditional crops.
“In the first half of 2019, performance was good because the summer was hot, so we had to prevent the spread of pests. It should be noted that 2018 was a difficult year for the sector, and agrochemical sales closed on between $195 million and $197 million,” said Carlos Rodríguez Koch,CultiVida Executive Director.
Koch explained that sales in the agrochemical sector will increase by over 5% because of climatic factors, such as the El Ni?o phenomenon, which has positively influenced the market, as there are more pests and greater need to control them.
"It is a growing market, not only because of the effects of El Ni?o and the high temperatures that produce pests with greater intensity, but also because of the agro-industrial boom that is being witnessed by export crops," he said.
"We have also seen a recovery in potato prices, and while it is true that fewer hectares have been planted along the coast, prices in the field are still good," he added.
With regards to the market, Koch stressed that 60% of products are used on traditional crops, such as rice, potatoes and corn while 40% are used by the agribusiness sector.
"The growth of the sector is sustainable, because the higher the global population, there is more need for food. There has been a trend of continuous growth over the past few years in the agrochemical sector," he said in conclusion.
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